Thursday Insights

A Collaborative Forum for Professionals

Thursday Insights are a series of collaborative forums for professionals — attorneys, CPAs, real estate agents, brokers, financial advisors — to share uncommon knowledge, insights and practical “know-how.” They are also an opportunity to network with others and enjoy their company. Our Redondo Beach office doors open at 4:00 and presenters begin speaking promptly at 4:15. Refreshments and beverages will be served. There is no need to RSVP, and we hope to see you on a Thursday soon.

Upcoming Presentations

3/21/2019 – Stephen Goldberg

Real Estate Q & A

Past Presentations

3/07/2019 – Lisa Machii Greengrove

Learn What Smart Investors Know About Buying Commercial Property

2/21/2019 – Fred Corbalis

Limited Liability Companies from Beginning to the End: Starting, Operating and Closing

2/07/2019 – Michelle DeMason

Help! I’m in escrow but there’s a problem on the property that requires repairs! What should I do?

1/17/2019 – Steven Spierer

Steve answers questions from high producing realtors PLUS all the questions you can ask

11/15/2018 – Stephen Goldberg

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Real Estate, But Were Afraid to Ask

11/01/2018 – Fred Corbalis

Estate Planning for the Hard Issues Affecting Beneficiaries

10/18/2018 – Lisa Machii Greengrove

The Fine Print

10/04/2018 – Michelle DeMason

You’ve Been Sued – But There is no Need to Panic!

9/20/2018 – Robert Owen

Navigating Common Exceptions to Property Tax Reassessment.

9/06/2018 – Steven Spierer

Steve Answers Questions for High Producing Realtors PLUS all the Questions You Can Ask

6/21/2018 – Stephen Goldberg

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Real Estate

6/07/2018 – Robert Owen

The Nuts & Bolts of the Probate Process; or, Why Everyone Should Have a Trust.

5/17/2018 – Fred Corbalis

The New Estate Tax Law—Looking Forward. Fred will discuss the impact of the 2018 Tax Act on both estate planning and estate administration and new considerations for taxpayers.

5/03/2018 – Michelle DeMason

You’ve Been Sued – But There is no Need to Panic! What to do if you are in a lawsuit (and some tips on how to avoid getting sued in the first place)

4/19/2018 – Jason Sampas

A Brief Overview of The New Tax Laws: Entity Selection

4/05/2018 – Steven Spierer

Steve Answers Questions from High Producing Realtors PLUS all the Questions You Can Ask

3/15/2018 – Lisa Machii Greengrove

Commercial Mortgage Loan Documents

3/01/2018 – Stephen Goldberg

I Read It On The Internet, So It Must be True