Top 10 Conflict Resolution Mistakes

Conflicts Are a Part of Life

When it comes to business, family or employer relationships, it is inevitable that occasional problems will arise. When contracts, finances and property are added to the mix, problems become all the more serious.

As litigation and dispute resolution attorneys, we repeatedly observe the “wrong” responses and reactions to both potential and on-going conflicts. When armed with the knowledge of preventative actions and a proper approach to various situations, we are more likely to avoid tremendous expense, daunting problems and lost time.

To help put you in the best possible position if confronted with a dispute, we have prepared a list of the “Top 10” conflict resolution mistakes we most frequently observe. This guide will help you understand the legal issues associated with conflict resolution, and offers straightforward steps that will benefit you throughout your daily business and personal dealings.

Inside Our Top 10 List of Conflict Resolution Mistakes

The Best Solution Is an Early Solution

Write It! Don't Say It!

Say It! Don't Write It!

If They Have a Lawyer, You Need a Lawyer

Keep Your Files

Read the Contract!

Tell Your Lawyer the Other Side of the Story

Tell Your Lawyer the Truth

Negotiation is a Process

We Advocate For You

Only an attorney can provide you legal advice. Therefore, if you are involved in a dispute, it is worthwhile to seek legal counsel with an attorney who will look out for your interests. At Spierer, Woodward, Corbalis, and Goldberg, our focus is on strongly advocating for you in a manner designed to successfully resolve the matter before trial.

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