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Steven Spierer hosts a worldwide Internet radio program which is heard live Saturdays at 10:00 am Pacific, 1:00 pm Eastern. Steve’s guests range from insurance experts and politicians to authors and psychologists. Below are links to selected shows. Feel free to send an Email to if you have comments on the shows or if you have an idea for guests or topics that might be discussed on

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Steven Spierer

Steve Interviews Don Ballard

Before Walt Disney finished Disneyland and was ready for opening day on July 17, 1955, he had long since run out of money to build the Disneyland Hotel. Steve talks with Don Ballard, author of Disneyland Hotel: The Early Years 1954-1988. [audio...

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Steve Interviews Peter Funt

Steve talks with Peter Funt, host and producer of television’s Candid Camera and author of Self-Amused: A Tell-Some Memoir, about television, film, the evolution of show business and the human condition. [audio...

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Steve Interviews Laura Pritchett

None of us are getting out of here alive. Death is something we must inevitably experience, and if we have some clarity and preparation, dying can be done well. Steve talks with Laura Pritchett, author of Making Friends with Death: A Field Guide For Your Impending...

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Steve Interviews Buzz Hollander, M.D. Part 1

Masks, vaccines, mandates, lockdowns, statistics, expert recommendations and government directives have left many confused or feeling like they should “choose their own adventure”. Steve speaks with Buzz Hollander, M.D., a practicing physician in both clinical and ER...

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Steve Interviews Kenneth T. Walsh Part 4

Steve talks again with Kenneth T. Walsh, distinguished historian of the modern American presidency. This is Part IV of a four-part conversation about Ken’s new book Presidential Leadership in Crisis: Defining Moments of the Modern Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to...

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Steve Talks With Cyndy Spierer and AJ Wolfe

Steve and today’s co-host and daughter-in-law Cyndy Spierer talk with AJ Wolfe, the owner and Executive Editor of the Disney Food Blog (, the leading source for anyone who wants to know anything about Disney Parks. [audio...

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Steve Revisits His Covid Experience

In January 2021 Steve spent 15 days in the hospital with Covid. Six days after he was released he shared that story on Today, Steve revisits that broadcast with remarks and perspectives since then. [audio...

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Steve Interviews Dennis C. Rasmussen

Polarized parties and seemingly intractable conflicts of interest and ideology threaten to destroy the United States of America. No, not right now. Steve talks with Professor Dennis C. Rasmussen, author of Fears of a Setting Sun: The Disillusionment of America’s...

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Well-Intentioned Plans

Alone with his microphone, Steve talks about well-intentioned plans and the law of unintended consequences with its potential effect on the problems we face today from COVID and the Environment to the Economy. [audio...

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Steve Interviews Jim Korkis

Steve, a certified Disney nut planning his trip next week to Walt Disney World, interviews Disney historian Jim Korkis, author of Hidden Treasures of Walt Disney World Resort Hotels AND author of Kungaloosh! The Mythic Jungles of Walt Disney World. [audio...

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