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Steven Spierer hosts a worldwide Internet radio program which is heard live Saturdays at 10:00 am Pacific, 1:00 pm Eastern. Steve’s guests range from insurance experts and politicians to authors and psychologists. Below are links to selected shows. Feel free to send an Email to if you have comments on the shows or if you have an idea for guests or topics that might be discussed on

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Steven Spierer

Steve Talks With Peter Funt – Interview 4

Steve talks with Peter Funt, author of Playing POTUS: The Power of America’s ‘Acting Presidents’ who has taken a look at a unique group of comedians and the challenges they have faced as impersonators of U.S. presidents, from Kennedy to Biden. [audio...

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Steve Talks With Rana Foroohar – Interview 2

For a couple of decades globalization looked like it would be our economic future. Now, with political, military, supply chain and financial chaos, that’s not so clear. Steve talks with Rana Foroohar, author of Homecoming: The Path to Prosperity in a Post-Global...

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Steve Alone With His Microphone

Alone with his microphone today, Steve talks about politics without talking about politics and a different way to consider the cause of the tragic Lahaina fires. Finally, as a real estate attorney and investor, Steve offers an update on whether there is a real estate...

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Steve Talks With Todd Rose

Steve talks about the dangers of confusion with Todd Rose, author of Collective Illusions: Conformity, Complicity and the Science of Why We Make Bad Decisions.  

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Steve Talks With Alex Prud’homme

Many things that happen at the White House call for attention, including dinner. Steve talks with Alex Prud’homme, author of Dinner with the President: Food, Politics, and a History of Breaking Bread at the White House.   [audio...

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