Armor Plating Your Business

Is your business structured in a way as to minimize liability?

If an attack comes from within or from the outside, is your business as strong as a tank or another rendition of the Titanic? Asset protection and risk management takes many forms, and a good starting place is frequently the legal structure of the business and its constituent components.

Armor plating a business involves appropriate compartmentalization that not only maintains business efficiency but segments valuable assets from each other. The bottom line: lawsuits should never result in an “all or none” situation but rather a “zero loss verses partial loss” scenario.

Reflecting back to the Titanic analogy, an iceberg should only destroy one compartment and not sink the entire ship.

Just as important, liability events arising within the business need to be contained in the same manner. A lawsuit from injury or harm relating to the internal operations of the business should similarly not result in a catastrophic, total loss, but rather a minimized loss at worse.

Our various independent professionals can assist you in identifying risk, establishing appropriate legal structures, policies, and procedures, and assist you in establishing a program to navigate future risk in an effective manner.