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Steve periodically posts updates about current Real Estate topics. We hope that you find them both interesting and useful.

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Real Estate Update September 2023

Presented by Steven Spierer

Many are seeing a real estate bubble in danger of bursting in the face of higher interest rates. Steve talks about commercial, industrial, retail, office and multi-family apartments from the perspective of interest rates, inflation, risk and opportunity.

Real Estate Update July 2021

Presented by Steven Spierer

Steve talks about some of the stories that have been confusingly reported in the press, starting with what really caused the Surfside condominium building collapse and the risks and benefits inherent in condominium ownership. Next, home ownership is rising again in America but because prices are crazy many question how to buy or even if it’s a good idea to own a house. Finally, the truth about inflation and what the government’s role must be in protecting the poor and middle class from its devastating effects.

Real Estate Update April 2021

Presented by Steven Spierer

Apartment rents are rising, perks and discounts are fading as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and higher employment bring more people back into cities looking to rent.

Real Estate Update November 2020

Presented by Steven Spierer

Steve and Dr. Robert DiBenedetto Talk Real Estate Investment.

Real Estate Update June 2020

Presented by Steven Spierer
Steve talks with Seattle Real Estate Broker Greg Gibbs about the current state of the residential, commercial, multi-family, office and retail real estate markets in the coming post-COVID-19 environment.

Real Estate Update April 2019

Presented by Steven Spierer
Steve talks about the housing shortage in California, how it happened and what to do about it.

Real Estate Update August 2018

Presented by Steven Spierer
It’s a buyer’s market but the sellers don’t know it yet.

Real Estate Update March 2018

Presented by Steven Spierer
Steve talks about whether a California residential landlord can ban the smoking of marijuana by tenants on the property.

Real Estate Update August 2017

Presented by Steven Spierer
The real estate market for residential properties is hot for sellers in many large cities across the country. Yet, some sellers just cannot sell. And, some buyers cannot figure out how to buy. Steve talks about how to solve those problems.

Real Estate Update May 2017

Presented by Steven Spierer

Steve comments on the recent move by lenders to return to some of the practices that caused the 2008 market meltdown.

Real Estate Update March 2017

Presented by Steven Spierer

Steve talks about the trend away from having brick and mortar offices and what it will mean to businesses, Realtors, office rent and the price of parking.

Real Estate Update January 2017

Presented by Steven Spierer

In this January 2017 update, Steve tells the story of an unhappy tenant that cannot sleep and wants to break her lease. She has options.

Real Estate Update October 15, 2016

Presented by Steven Spierer

In this October 15, 2016 Real Estate Update Steve talks about the significant drop in home ownership rates in the United States and what is really means. Then, Steve offers some thoughts on how to be a successful Realtor.