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Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning is a complex and highly specialized area of law with many potential pitfalls. People who have been financially successful and have planned well throughout their lives often miss when it comes to the proper planning of their estate. The consequences of poor estate planning can be devastating, yet in all cases, mistakes in estate plans are avoidable. If you read nothing else this year, read this.

Top 10 Conflict Resolution Mistakes

In our law practice, we see common mistakes that occur in conflict resolution that create expensive and daunting problems. This report is a must-read for everyone who wants to know the most effective ways to deal with conflicts, or how to avoid them altogether.

Steven Spierer on the Radio

Join host Steven Spierer and his guests on Talk Radio One for an entertaining and educational hour of legal and personal advice. For talk radio at its best, Steve broadcasts live on Saturdays, plus previously recorded shows are available on demand.

Real Estate Updates With Steven Spierer

Listen as our partners discuss common legal issues. From a comprehensive legal viewpoint, these advisory audios offer expert insight into a range of situations, from how to deal with being served with a lawsuit, to expert advice on buying a home. Our attorneys reveal their thoughts and offer guidance and techniques you can implement immediately. Featuring Steven Spierer, Fred Corbalis and Stephen Goldberg.

Thursday Insights

Thursday Insights are a series of collaborative forums for industry professionals, including attorneys, CPAs, real estate agents, brokers, and financial advisors, to share uncommon knowledge, insights and practical “know-how.”

Law Articles

Written by our partners, this is not your typical batch of articles. We’ve compiled our extensive experience to present you with in-depth and meaningful articles to help transform your knowledge base into a real-world, practical, and prosperous asset.