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Steven Spierer hosts a worldwide Internet radio program which is heard live Saturdays at 10:00 am Pacific, 1:00 pm Eastern. Steve’s guests range from insurance experts and politicians to authors and psychologists. Below are links to selected shows. Feel free to send an Email to if you have comments on the shows or if you have an idea for guests or topics that might be discussed on

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Finding Jill

In a normal lifetime we are all required to live with losses of all sorts. Steve explores how one person is navigating grief and finding hope under extraordinary conditions as he interviews Jill Kraft Thompson, author of Finding Jill: How I Rebuilt My Life after...

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The Ahmanson Foundation

The Ahmanson Foundation has funded one billion dollars and approximately five hundred grants per year with a focus on education, cultural institutions, humanities, health and human services. Steve talks with William H. Ahmanson, President of The Ahmanson Foundation,...

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Challenges Raising Children Today

Steve's and his daughter, the Mom of Steve's grandson, Melanie Archer, welcome child psychologist Dr. Mel Lewin to discuss challenges of raising children in today's world.

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Shark Tank

Shark Tank on ABC-TV is one of Steve's favorite business shows, so he interviews R Dub, host of Sunday Night Slow Jams, a love song and special dedication show heard on more than 60 radio stations around the country, about his recent experience swimming in the Shark...

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ER Visits

During our lifetimes most of us will make an unexpected trip to a hospital emergency room, perhaps with our lives in danger. Steve talks with Leon Artzner, M.D., a Southern California Emergency Department physician, about how you know whether to go, how to get the...

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All Things Radio

In 1966, listening to the radio, Steve caught the bug to become a talk show host from one on-air personality. Steve interviews Los Angeles radio icon Sweet Dick Whittington about all things radio.

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Economy in the Real World

The gap between the rich and everyone else keeps getting bigger, inflation threatens to make that worse, and unemployment stubbornly stays in the mid-sevens while the government is shutdown and ObamaCare rolls out. To get a handle on all that, Steve interviews Greg...

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New Orleans

Steve leads off with his latest Real Estate Update, talking about how to buy or sell a house in the current weird but recovering market. Then, Steve spent last week in New Orleans and discovered that not everything you hear on the news is true about Hurricane Katrina,...

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Decades ago Albert Einstein said, "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." Steve interviews Dr. Larry Rosen, author of iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession With Technology And Overcoming Its Hold On Us. [audio...

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The Decay of Public Education

One of the greatest opportunities challenging America today is curing the decay of our public education system. Steve interviews Dr. Irella Perez, Board Member of the Whittier City School District and Principal of Bennett-Kew Elementary School in Inglewood California....

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