Family Office Legal Services

Protect Your Family. Protect Your Business.

Family Office Legal Services are those legal services particularly focused on and bundled together for financially successful families and business owners. It represents our ability to comprehensively review, design, and implement cross-legal and cross-business solutions for you without hiring a full-time lawyer and/or multiple law firms to address business, real estate, estate tax, asset protection, and litigation needs in a comprehensive fashion which is tailored to your values and objectives – both personal and business.

Comprehensive, Holistic Services

Spierer, Woodward, Corbalis & Goldberg possesses resources to handle the needs of families and their businesses in a comprehensive, holistic fashion. Our legal services are not rendered in isolation but instead each hand knows what the other hand is doing and all of your legal planning needs are coordinated together in a manner reflective of your values, goals, and objectives.

By providing business, real estate, estate tax, asset protection, and litigation services, we are able to assist you in making decisions where we are privy to a greater set of relevant facts, have a history of providing services to you, and understand how your personal and business objectives interrelate and affect each other. Through our comprehensive services, we can provide to you, your family, and your business, maximum protection, danger avoidance, assistance in undertaking risks where the rewards make sense, and the capture of opportunity.