Litigation & Dispute Resolution


Litigation is, by its nature, both time consuming and expensive; just the things we concentrate on avoiding for you. At times, litigation is unavoidable, and when it is unavoidable, we minimize both the time and the expense for you and your business, by identifying the root issues involved, and implementing an expeditious strategy for success before trial. Our view is that a trial is the last resort.

How Does Our View Help You?

By recognizing trial as a last resort, our focus is on strongly advocating for you in a manner designed to successfully resolve the matter before trial. We make extensive use of Mediation, and Arbitration, as less expensive and time consuming alternatives to trials. We emphasize a creative approach to problem solving, that combines an aggressive strategy that advances and protects what is important to you. We are able to accomplish this by maintaining a constructive and informed dialogue with each client at all times, making certain that together with you, we go forward as a team. With our firm, you will always know what is occurring in your matter, thus making it possible for you to make fully informed decisions in both your legal and business affairs.

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When Trial is Unavoidable

There are, of course, times when trial must be conducted. The outcome of trial is never certain. The vagaries of a jury, or judge, are inherent in the process, and misunderstandings and mistakes do occur, in both. However, the times when the likely/probable result at trial is weighted in your favor, a trial will be justified both legally and economically. It is at those times when we excel. Thorough analysis and preparation are our hallmarks. Our firm boasts a litany of successful results, in matters where trial could not be avoided, and was the right choice.

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Breach of Contract (Buyer and Seller)

When a dispute arises between a buyer and seller after the sale or purchase of residential real estate, buyers sometimes assert claims of breach of contract against the seller. This can also arise in the context of a failed transaction, in which the seller has declined to close escrow, and the buyer sues to enforce the contract or seeks damages, or where the buyer has refused to complete the transaction after the contingencies have been removed. Our firm provides practical advice on how to avoid such disputes, or, if a breach of contract claim arises, how it can best be asserted or defended, depending on whether the client is a buyer or seller. We also provide a client with advice on how such claims are best avoided, so as to achieve the best possible outcome at the lowest possible cost to the client.

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Small Business/Family Disputes

One of the most difficult types of disputes to resolve is a dispute involving close friends or relatives. These disputes often arise out of a closely held business relationship, or sometimes just out of the normal day to day events that occur between friends and family members. Because these matters involve people whose relationship transcends the events giving rise to the dispute, they often require the consideration of additional factors which are not present in a dispute between “strangers.” For over 40 years, the firm has dealt with numerous such cases, and has been extremely successful in resolving the dispute while minimizing (or, in many cases, reducing) the animosity or hurt feelings which usually accompany such matters.

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Landlord Representation – Evictions and Tenant Issues

Our firm provides representation to protect the landlords’ rights while maximizing their profit for both residential and commercial properties. In the eviction process, our experienced attorneys comply, both substantively and procedurally, with all applicable laws, thereby avoiding delays, unnecessary expense, and possible liability to the tenant for wrongful eviction and/or criminal sanctions.

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