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Estate Planning Videos

Partner Fred Corbalis presents his highly informative Five Minute Video series that explores important Estate Planning techniques.

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Once the file downloads, double click the button: The Trust Protector Video.pdf

A trust protector is a recent innovation in practical trust drafting. It is a legal mechanism that will prevent inappropriate actions of a "Trustee Gone Wild," fix outdated provisions, or adjust the trust to meet the needs of the current generation and future beneficiaries. Although a trust protector is a "must have" item in today's turbulent times, 99% of trusts do not have this in place.

Once the file downloads, double click the button: Asset Protection.pdf

Fred Corbalis presents an overview of how an asset protection plan can be designed and implemented before lightening strikes. From determining your sources of liability, we can develop an overall structure for risk management and protection from liability generating events. Hear about specific techniques from the whole toolbox of things we can do to develop a plan appropriate for your situation.

Once the file downloads, double click the button: Short Term GRATS.pdf

Short term Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts which have little or no gift tax cost are just about the 'safest' technique a high net worth individual can use to reduce the size of their estate. This introductory video shows how GRATs can be used to either incrementally reduce the size of your estate or remove high growth assets from estate taxation.

Once the file downloads, double click the button: Community Property Implications in Estate Planning.pdf

California is famous for community property. The rules of community property versus separate property are not only relevant in a divorce but greatly impact estate planning as well. This video discusses how community property considerations can enhance or limit planning.

Once the file downloads, double click the button: California Pet Trusts.pdf

Many of our clients want to be sure that Fido has dog food when they are gone. This is a real change in California law - up till now, trusts for pets have been honorary only. With this law, California follows the trend of other states to allow actual, real trusts for the benefits of one's pets.

Once the file downloads, double click the button: Anatomy of a Wealth Plan.pdf

Fred Corbalis explains the overall design of a high end estate plan. There are numerous opportunities for high net worth individuals to reduce estate taxes using a variety of techniques. In this video, you'll walk through an actual client's wealth plan: starting with the individual's goals, progressing to the techniques used to achieve those goals, and ending with the results both immediate and long term (realizing savings of tens of millions of dollars in taxes.)

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